Rotary Club of Dhaka Midtown was sponsored by Rotary Club of Dhaka.

Rtn. N.T. Islam was the GSR.

Rtn. Dr. R. A. Ghani was the Charter President.

January 7, 1978 The Club first met as provisional Club in its regular weekly meeting on 7th January 1978 and continued to meet each Saturday over lunch at Dacca Club at 1-30 p.m.

January 7, 1978 The weekly Club Bulletin  The Midtowner appeared on the very first day of the regular weekly meeting i.e. 7th January and is continuing without interruption.

February 10, 11 & 12 Participated in the R.I. District 329 conference held in Dacca on February 10, 11 & 12. 17 out of 26 members attended the conference.

March 25, District Governor Rtn. P.K. Sinha paid an unofficial visit to the club at its regular weekly meeting on 25th March when the Club President Rtn. Dr. R. A. Ghani requested him to arrange the Charter presentation at the time of the R.I. President's visit to Dacca. April 6.

The Club was admitted into R.I. on 6th April, 1978.

May 10, Rtn. A. A. Majid left Dacca on 10th May, 1978 to attend the R.I. Convention in Tokyo as a voting delegate of our Club.

May 19, Confirmation of the Charter presentation by R.I. President was conveyed on 19th by be the District Governor's Special Representative.

May 20, District Governor informed Rtn. Dr. R. A. Ghani over phone that the charter had arrived from R.I.

May 30, The President of the Club received the R.I. President at Dacca Airport.