Prilota -Reproductive system of School Girls

Service Project: PRITILOTA

Date: 20 August 2022 Venue: Rajdhani High School, Manik Mia Avenue, Dhaka

We organized a workshop in Rajdhani High School, Manik Mia Avenuer, Dhaka on promoting reproductive health information to improve lives of thousands for the girls and misses of the schools. 200 Students (Girls) and 20 Misses attended the workshop. The Speaker Shusmita Khan briefed the complicacy of menstrual period of the girls. She described the process of hygiene management system of menstrual period. Because of ignorance of menstrual process, the school girls are affected by various types of chronic diseases and in the long run they lose their reproductive power. The Speaker educated the participants on the topics practically. Through this project, we showed how to fight against an unknown system and come round successfully as the girl Pritilota did against the British.