RCC of Bangalgach (RCC ID: 50578) RCC Bangalgach was formed on 08 January 2001 in Nilerpara, Joydebpur, Gazipur. From the beginning, we are working for the development of the community of Nilerpara area. We are running many signature project in the RCC. The signature project of the RCC is its micro-credit operation. RCDM initially experimented with a micro-credit back in 2001 with a fund of Tk. 450,000.00 (Four lac fifty thousand). We have given loan to 158 underprivileged people of the area till now for the development of their life style with very simple condition who has been economically solvent already and has returned their loan. We have given 10 (ten) interest free VAN and 1 (one) Rickshaws to needy people. Another signature project of the RCC is reducing illiteracy of the people of the locality. We are continuously giving education kits and Tiffin to the students of Nilerpara High School. We are giving scholarship to the meritorious students of Nilerpara High School. Sanitary System development is another signature project of the RCC. We have established 12 Sanitary Toilets in the village of Nasaron and established 3 Sanitary Toilets in Nilerpara High School. For supplying pure drinking water we have established a Sub Marcible Pump in the mosque of Bangalgach. People are very much grateful to RCDM for establishing this Pump. We have organized number of free medical camps and seminar in the locality for disease prevention and treatment. RCDM has planted too many trees in the area of Nilerpara and Bangalgach. We distribute winter cloths every year among the poor people.