RCC of Barha (RCC ID: 91706) Genesis: RCC of Barha was formed in August 2001 with a group of people of the village Barha, Upazila Nababgonj, District Dhaka. These people had been associated with the Rotary projects of RC Dhaka Midtown (RCDM), brought by Rtn. PP. Mahmood Ali Khan MPHF who hailed from this village, since 1981. RCDM implemented sanitary toilet projects (more then 200 in the early 80’s), 12 Bio-gas plants, annual tree plantation, NID programmes, Pure water supply project including arsenic free tube wells in the village prior to the RCC coming into being. These people actively supporting the activities of RCDM came forward to form the RCC in 2001.It was a natural progression from voluntary cooperation to a direct involvement in Rotary service at the grassroots making Rotary popular with the villagers. Functioning: At present the RCC has 58 members of which 30 are womenfolk. The members meet at regular intervals, plan and implement their programs, in addition to working in support of RCDM in activities like annual tree plantation, NID, winter clothes distribution, goat distribution project, relief work namely blanket, food and flood relief with funds collected from local donors. The Representative maintains a close liaison with RCDM and attends Rotary functions including the annual installation ceremony (now discontinued) of the sponsoring club. Members of the RCDM attend the RCC meeting from time to time and review its activities, offer guidance and encouragement. A good member of Rotarians for RCDM visited the RCC, a few PDG’s also visited. Micro-Credit Operation: The signature project of the RCC is its micro-credit operation. RCDM initially experimented with a micro-credit back in 1997-98 with a fund of Tk. 50,000.00 (Fifty thousand) from the District CHP. The club itself repeated it in 1998-99 giving loan to the people who soon came forward to form a RCC, RCC of Barha. Later on, in 2001 RCDM procured a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) amounting to Tk. 9,20,000.00 (Nine lac twenty thousand) only US$ 20,000.00 at the time under MG # 9615 from a Rotary Club in Australia. The RCC received an amount of 420,000.00 lacs from RCDM in several installments to start and run its micro-credit project. Loan was made available for projects like small irrigation, artisans work equipment, tailoring, puffed rice production, small scale fish cultivation, grocery shop, peddling and vending, sanitary toilet manufacturing, cow fattening, goat rearing, rickshaw and van purchase, poultry farming, vegetable gardening, cottage industries like bamboo, jute, cane, matting articles, household goods, leather goods and other handicrafts. The project, in essence, strives to help the needy to help themselves. Activities during COVID19 Pandemic. After the outbreak of COVID19 Pandemic the RCC associated itself with the distribution work of relief goods and services initiated by the local philanthropists. The RCC was instrumental in the distribution of around 7 tons of food staff, clothes and other materials, and Tk. 2,00,000 cash at the doorsteps of the villagers during 2020-21. The activities and achievements of the RCC have been observed by the local people and leaders. It created a good image about Rotary and its local partner as service organizations dedicated to humanitarian and philanthropic work. The support of the local administration and people for RCC activities is a natural corollary. The RCC has created a favourable situation for any appropriate project that RCDM may decide to implement in the village in the future. The RCC will be in a position to extend the needed local support and assistance to any initiative of RCDM in the village.